Issue 19 of PoC||GTFO posted


PoC‖GTFO is a great resource for reverse-engineers and those wanting to study reverse engineering. It is also an entertaining read, culturally representing much of the hacker community.

I highly recommend reading through all the issues, available at the link below.

19:02 Of Coal and Iron

Manul Laphroaig

19:03 On CSV Injection and RFC 5322

Jeff Dileo

19:04 Undefining the ARM

Eric Davisson

19:05 An MD5 Pileup Fit for Jake and Elwood

Albertini and Stevens

19:06 Selectively Exceptional UTF8; or, Carefully tossing a spanner in the works.

T. Goodspeed and R. Speers

19:07 Never Fret that Unobtainium

Matthew Peters

19:08 Steganography in .ICO Files

Rodger Allen

19:09 The Pages of PoC||GTFO

Dr. evm and the MMX Show

19:10 Vector Multiplication as an IPC Primitive

Lorenzo Benelli

19:11 Camelus Documentum: A PDF with Two Humps

Gabriel ‘Drup’ Radanne

19:12 Inside the Emulator of Windows Defender

Alexei Bulazel

19:13 What clever things have you learned lately?

Pastor Manul Laphroaig

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