Proxmark Pro available for pre-order

Yet another version of the Proxmark RFID & NFC reader/emulator, the ProxmarkPro. This one has a standalone mode with LCD, embedded batteries and modular antennas. I like that it is designed with a battery in mind, avoiding the awkward cabling of some of the other versions. Having an LCD to show the settings and readings is really helpful. It is always hard to remember what a set of blinking LEDs is supposed to mean when you aren’t using it constantly. Storing data on a microSD is handy for data exchange and multiple readings (presumably.)

The ease of changing antennas is a welcome feature worth paying for. I destroyed my first Proxmark’s antenna connector in the field and had to replace it. I can’t tell from the release pictures or description, but I would hope there are some pigtail connectors for those connectors included in the kit. From past experience with similar devices with that connector, the physical strain on those connectors is a bit more than what the can take with use in the field. Pigtails to relieve the strain are easy to make, but that shouldn’t be required in a turnkey kit.

I also like the honest comparisons with other models in the description. There are some definite improvements and features on this device, though the RDV4 is still a nice model as well with a different set of features. I can see use cases for both models, and would be torn deciding which to buy. The ProxmarkPro definitely looks to ease some of the learning curve and complications actually using these in the field. I’m definitely adding one to my kit.

Overall, well done! These are very nice improvements. Looks nice!

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